You Can Contribute to Open Source


Emily Stamey

Ways to contribute

  • Creating your Own Project
  • Pull Request on Github
    • write an issue
    • update documentation
    • write code
  • Hackathons

What Didn't Work for Me

  • tree package
    • blind approach
    • language barrier
  • hackathon #1
    • short intro to projects
    • everyone was familiar
    • I stood on the sidelines
  • hackathon #2
    • trouble installing the vm
    • team was actively helping
    • only one unable to contribute

ME Being Prepared

I had to work to know what was going to be available.

  • Know the available project(s)
  • Review Documentation
  • Install software
    • organizers bring a thumb drive

Hackathon #3!

  • Asked around ahead of time about the projects
  • Found a supportive group
  • Building a plug-in felt easier
  • Gave myself Time
    • 4 characters couldn't be flipped
    • tried several times
    • a month or so later...


My package was deployed to IRC

There were some bugs

I fixed those too!

You can do this!

  • find a place/group you're comfortable
  • find a project
    • it can be fun or silly, too!
  • ask for help when you need it
    • expect to ask more than once sometimes

You have support at Girl Develop It!

  • Github classes
  • Slack Channel
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